Pricing Features in Accolent ERP

Set pricing options in Accolent ERP under Sales & Customers > Actions > Contracts.


Contracts can be discounted from list, marked up from cost, or be a fixed price. Quantities and date ranges can be specified and limited for fixed prices. Contracts can be set up at the product, vendor, or category level. Shared contracts are helpful for a group of independent customers all receiving the same price. 


Build your pricing matrix by mapping each customer to a self-defined customer profile, i.e. gold, silver, bronze, or A/B/C, then price each product strategically for each profile. This stratification will also appear in the Product Master, under Discounts


Win customers back, extend specials to new customers, or move sluggish inventory with our special prices feature. This allows you to give additional discounts to certain customers during certain periods of time. Note: this is applied on top of standard discounts already set up. Other options include promotional and advertised pricing.